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DIA DE MUERTOS!!! Part 3...

And now the third part!
Well to put our ofrenda we had to go get the stuff for it, so we travel to a small town near by that has a small mercado (kinda like a flee market, but different, is hard to explain...) and they sell all kinds of Día de Muertos stuff in it, is beautiful!
So we drove for about 15 minutes to get there, the traffic was horrible, but expectable, and we loot the place hehehe!
Here are some pictures, but just so you know, none of them are taken up close because they believe if you take a picture of them you still their souls away (I know weird... don't ask) and if you do take a picture without their permission they lynch you... No, like honestly, they do... is scary!
So must of the pictures were taken inside the safety of my car hehehe!

This is on the way there. Believe it or not they have a graveyard at the entrance of the town... weird... and creepy...

This is a small store (among the very many) that sell the traditionalflower of Zempazuchitl

This is a bread store! Out in the street!! yeah!! Muerto bread (that's the name of the tradicional bread, I know is weird, but is really good) is sell out in the streets like this.

Another bread store (in thsi picture you can see the shades of my window mirror inside my car hehehe)

This is a costume store. We dress up as well, well mainly kids, they dress up as some kind of monster or whatever and the older people they dress up as sluts, just like in the States - upppsss! I said it! hehehe - and we too go ask for andy at nights.

This place sells sugars skulls and candles, both very important at la ofrenda! I couldn't take a picture of it, but I had to carry aroudn the town 7 kilos of candles - which is close to 15.4 pounds) - while still trying to look fashionable enough hehehe

And this is yet another Zempazuchitl store (again inside the car); you have no clu how many of this flowers I saw today!You can eat them too, they're really good!

Is really hard to tell, but this is the graveyard and there is actually people inside of this place decorating it with flowers and candles and what not in preparation for the main day, which is tomorrow!!!

So this is as far as my shopping went. I couldn't take many pictures cuz I wanted to live! hehehe! But tomorrow is gonna be an even better day and I'll show you my own ofrenda here at my house!


En mi uni ya no hacemos eso, bueno solo los de nuevo ingreso, a mi solo me toco hacer una mascara de muerto xD, quedo genial~ :D
Well I'm Ana and I'm from Mexico, well I grew up here, but I don't really feel like much of a mexican hehehe.
So, where in NY you live? I used to live up there in the northern part of NY state
en cuanto vi dia de muertos me di cuenta de que si hablas español XD... asi que de Mexico eh? de donde Ocotepec me suena al Estado de Mexico... Yo soy de Guanajuato :D
Que coincidencia! voy a ir a Guanajuato por dos días para navidad con familia y amigos.
De hecho soy de Morelos, cuernavaca se llama mi ciudad. Es una ciudad muy bonita!